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Viruses are harmful elements that damage your computer from normal functioning. On the other hand, spyware is a type of virus that captures your personal information without your knowledge. This can lead to you giving out banking or other personal information to someone whom you don't even know!


In recent times, new viruses that are disguised to look like a government program have been spreading to several computers worldwide. This unknown virus generally blocks users from accessing their desktop, documents and other programs until the user pays undefined money to the cyber criminals who created the virus. In the United States, the most popular instance of these new scams are the FBI Virus, Department of Justice Virus, and the United States Cyber Security virus.


While surfing the web, you may have seen pop-up message or advertisements offering a free PC scan or a free anti-virus or anything similar to it. Such software is referred to as Fake Antivirus, also known as Rogue Antivirus. Usually, these are Trojan horse, key logger, spyware, malware or other infected files that harm your computer and steal personal information once you click or install them. A recent study of 240 million web pages over the 13 months of study uncovered over 11,000 domains that were involved in fake antivirus distribution — which is roughly 15% of the total malware domains detected on the web.



















































TO GET HELP WITH THE REMOVAL CALL NOW: 028 9070 2587 or Email:






























TO GET HELP WITH THE REMOVAL CALL NOW: 028 9070 2587 or Email:

Some fake anti-virus that you might have seen:

































Computer virus removal services


At Byte Computer Repairs, we have experienced and skilled computer technicians for computer virus removal. Using several exclusive techniques and the best antivirus, we ensure to remove viruses, malware, spyware and any type of viruses completely from your desktop or laptop.


If you are looking for nothing but the best computer virus and spyware removal experts, contact the reliable and experienced Byte Computer Repairs in Belfast today. Do not forget to ask for a free quote!

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