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Has your desktop been running slowly for a few days? Or are you finding your laptop's battery draining faster than usual? If you are looking for top quality computer servicing by qualified technicians, you are at the right place. From selling ink cartridges to computer software and hardware upgrades, we offer everything that your computer requires!

Full Computer Repairs

Byte Computer Repairs are specialists in the repair and maintenance of computers for home and business users. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the know-how of diagnosing computer faults and can fix your computer to its original state.


Whether there is an existing issue with your laptop, notebook, printer, motherboard, router or any other component, let us know and we will be glad to provide quick assistance at a highly competitive price.



It's very important that your computer runs the latest software for all the applications that are currently installed. Whether you use Windows, Mac or any other operating system, it is vital that every application, including the operating system, is upgraded to the latest version.


Having the latest version of all the applications ensures better stability and your computer being less prone to virus attacks.


Network Issues

Are you unable to connect your office computers for sharing data with each other? If you are in need of network troubleshooting specialists, look no further.


Our highly skilled networking personnel can identify any problems related to networking, and can resolve it easily and efficiently. Whether you need networking assistance for a couple of computers at home or for hundreds of computers at your office, we are the right choice.



We offer a range of services for your computer to run smoothly and efficiently. Some of them include the following:

•  Troubleshooting hardware problems and upgrading software

•  Ink cartridges available for various printers

•  Scan for viruses and spyware and remove them from the system

•  Data recovery options available

•  Set-up wired or wireless internet connection seamlessly for your home or business

•  24-hour support available, including weekends and holidays

•  Home remote support available for troubleshooting any computer related issues

•  Replacement ink for any printer model and many more

Common Hardware Problems



We troubleshoot any hardware problems that are found in home or office computers. A few of them are:

•  Hard drive / CD-ROM slot

•  Batteries, keyboards and mouse

•  Motherboard

•  Monitor of any size

•  Video and graphic cards

•  USB slots

•  CPU

•  Printers and more





Common Software Problems



Our technicians can service any or all software related problems on your desktop or laptop. Some common problems that occur include:

•  OS error for both Windows and Mac

•  Server applications

•  Computer applications

•  Usage of outdated browsers and toolbars

•  Advanced power management

•  Blue screen error

•  Computer booting error and more

•  Usage of outdated antivirus and more



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