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Read a few of our customer testimonials regarding the computer, smartphone and tablet services we provide. Byte Computer Repairs are a highly experienced business that offers exceptional quality personalised IT services to customers across Belfast.

Client testimonials

"I had the very good fortune to be in my local supermarket in Newton Park, Belfast one day when I was having a lot of trouble with my desktop computer. I didn’t know where to turn to for help. On the wall of the shop, at the door, I spotted a card for Byte Computer Repairs. I phoned, chatted and they sorted out the computer with great ease and made it all look so simple. I am a complete novice when it comes to 'technical stuff' and they put me completely at ease.

I can’t thank them enough. A GREAT, BIG thank you!"

John McGowan

 A million thanks as usual for the work you carried out on my laptop and desktop computers. I have been with you now for a number of years and your diligence and your professional expertise knows no bounds. Many thanks. I would recommend you to anyone"

Jim, Belfast

"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service you were able to provide through the team viewer. I never thought that I could get my laptop fixed without having to take it and leave it somewhere. Now you have it sorted and I'm able to continue using it without any interruption. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and if I require help in future I certainly know who to contact. Thanks again."

Brian, Lisburn

"I contacted a few years ago, had a virus or something, he quickly removed this, and tidied up my computer, they added a few bits, and done this in very quick time. Obviously I was worried at what this work may cost; I was relieved to find that it was very easy on the pocket, and I was very pleased with the price! Since then, they have done all the work on my computer (wouldn’t trust anyone else). They also do all work on my three teenagers’ laptops, and my father- in-laws computer. I would have no problem recommending them for a speedy, well carried out, IT repair or upgrade! Many thanks."

Robert, Carrifergus, Northern Ireland

"Thank you very much for your fantastic services. I was very worried I was going to have to spend loads of money on getting my old laptop fixed or having to buy a new expensive one, but you gave really good options to choose from and I felt very comfortable. I absolutely love my new, cool laptop and love the movies, TV shows and all the software you put on it at such a low price. Thanks again!

Marc C

"Thank you Byte Computer Repairs for setting up my wireless network. Now the whole family can connect securely online at the same time."

Paddy McAllister, Belfast

Thanks for repairing my laptop so quickly as I needed to get an important report finished and sent off to my work... It's now actually faster than it had been before the system crash."

Gary Whittaker, Bangor

"Just like to thank you for the data recovery you did last week on that hard disk. Without it I would have had to redo the entire project again which saved me weeks! Thank you Byte Computer Repairs!"

Belfast Web Design, Belfast

"Byte Computer Repairs, thanks for fixing my firewall program and other little snags which appeared on my PC. It was done very quickly by using remote connection all in a couple of hours. It meant I didn't even have to leave the house which was very good and not do without my PC for very long."

Fred Mullen, Belfast

A 1st class IT technician with a high level of skill. On a number of occasions it has been necessary for me to contact Byte Computer Repairs. On each of my queries he has responded promptly to my calls and taken the necessary remedial action to get my computer back up and running again effectively. I have found that the costs are very reasonable, and I am very satisfied with the prices and the standard of their work. They are very attentive and listen to your problems with the computer. On completion of the work, they explain what has done in a way that makes it clear and understandable. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others with computer problems. Thanks!"

Alan McBride, Belfast

Byte computer repairs has brought my computer back to life!  

I had a Windows 7 HP computer that was ready to trash!  They first spent two hours on it remotely from Ireland to the USA.  They cleaned it up and it worked like new!  They iare very skilled and knowledgeable in computer repair.  They are honest and only complete what is necessary. I completely trust their services and the work that they do.  I highly recommend their computer repair services.  Entrust your computer to Byte computers

Bob in Minnesota - U.S.A.

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