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Why choose Byte Computer Repairs in Belfast for upgrading RAM

The computer can be the most essential component in your daily working life. However, when you face computer problems like the slow running of the computer or upgrading RAM you feel puzzled about what to do. The first thing that you may consider would be to try some DIY methods. However, that could be a very bad and expensive decision as this could lead to a defunct system. Instead, if you call us at Byte Computer Repairs you can expect to have professional repairs and services within a short period and most importantly a functioning computer.

Reasons why it is beneficial to hire us rather than trying DIY methods.

ESD Prevention “Electrostatic Discharge”

When you require an upgrade to the System RAM in Belfast and try DIY methods you could cause an “ESD” electrostatic static discharge However, when you call our technicians there will not be any such instances. Our technicians will ensure that the correct measures are taken to prevent ESD prior to the upgrade.

Prevent the loss of data

Prevention of data loss is one of the most vital benefits of having your computer repaired professionally with our services, trying some DIY methods could cause a hard drive malfunction.

We also provide data backup services if and when you need to upgrade to a larger capacity hard drive.

Affordable services

Many of us attempt DIY computer repairs to save money. However, such an endeavor can lead to more costs. However, you can expect to have cost-effective services from us. We charge reasonable charges and do not charge anything extra than our service charges & costs of any parts that are required. DIY methods lead to more spending as in general the public does not have the proper knowledge to repair computers. such as when you have a computer slow problem in Belfast, call us and we will resolve the problem without charging excessive charges.

Saving of time

If you do not have adequate knowledge about computers, you will not be able to resolve computer problems easily. So, in general, it’s best to consider a professional computer repair service to ensure a quick resolution. Our technicians are fully qualified and have the knowledge so they can identify the root cause of the problem and rectify it. Moreover, our technicians stock common computer hardware for use when replacements are required. So, if such incidents happen they can immediately replace them with minimal downtime. On the other hand, a DIY lover will have to wait to purchase the parts and do the repair.


Our computer technicians have years of experience in the I.T Repair services. They have dealt with various technical issues and resolved those successfully. Their professionalism and knowledge enable them to identify the cause of a problem and rectify those in the best possible way without wasting time.


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