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Need Phone Or Tablet Screen Repair In Belfast Then Contact Byte Computer Repairs

Technology is not always perfect and we all have experienced issues with our phone screens at some stage or other. The issues can be confusing and we find ourselves helpless when our devices become non-responsive. The problems may be varied. You may experience a cracked screen while some others may face a touch screen issue. Whatever the issue you can rely on us at Byte Computer Repairs to have a resolution to the issues. People rely on and trust us to have professional phone and tablet screen repair in Belfast.

phone and tablet screen repair

We have listed a few common issues that we face with our phones or tablets. We have also discussed some steps so that you can try to solve the issue. However, if all fails do give us a call and we are there to help out.

Frozen screen

This is the most common problem that we may face and it is really frustrating. If you have an old phone or have low memory space you will face this problem often. You can restart the phone as that may resolve the issue.. You can also take out the battery, provided it is possible and easy to access. If your phone is of a newer version try a “soft reset”. However, it may be the case that none of these methods will resolve the issue. Do not panic, give us a call and our experienced technicians will assist you with the issue.

Vertical lines

If such lines appear on the phone screen, then you can be certain that there is a problem with the phone itself. You can infer that there is damage to the LCD of the phone or there is a bend in the ribbon cables. It is not an issue that you can try to solve. Trying DIY means may cause further damage to the phone. So, it would be wise to rely on us to have the proper resolution.

Zoomed in screen

If you notice that Zoom Out is enabled on your lock screen, it can be difficult to disable. You can double-tap the screen with three figures and switch the phone off. If you notice the problem has been rectified “Well done you”. Our technicians have many times resolved such issues and know exceptional ways to tackle such issues. So, bringing the phone to us you can expect a tried & tested resolution.

Flickering screen

There can be various causes for the phone screen to flicker. It can happen due to an app, software, or due to a certain type of damage to the phone. The resolution requires technical knowledge and our technicians can provide proper repair to such issues.

Dark screen

A hardware issue or a software crash may be the cause of a dark screen. So, it would be best practice to bring the phone to us rather than trying a hard reset. It may be that our technicians can solve the problem with a soft reset without any loss of data.

Screen glitches

If you notice that the screen is glitching it would be best to call us and arrange a repair.

If you are facing the above problems or any other issue with your phone do bring it to us to have a proper repair. You can rely on us to provide professional phone and tablet screen repair in Belfast.


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