Latest Windows 10 Update problems

Latest Windows 10 Update Causes Frame Rates to Plummet and BSODs

By Aaron Klotz

First Published 1 day ago

It's best to avoid this update if possible

A recent Microsoft update for Windows 10 appears to be wreaking havoc on some computers since its release several days ago. Update KB5001330 for builds 2004 and 20H1 and update KB5001337 for builds 1909 and 1903 are causing serious issues, from annoying frame rate bugs all the way to BSODs, as spotted by ComputerBase.

The issues don't end there, apparently. For some people, the gaming-related issues vary wildly: some users experience unstable FPS with v-sync enabled and when sharing a screen on discord. For others, the issues are completely game-dependent.

Additionally, there have been numerous reports of other issues that aren't related to gaming, like DNS issues and boot-looping. For some, the update won't even install and will stay stuck at a certain percentage while installing.

Probably one of the worst issues related to this update is a nasty old bug that can potentially delete user files. Windows Latest reported a few days ago that the 'temporary user bug' is back again, causing your user login to disappear, along with your files located within that user profile (like the Documents folder).

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