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Windows 10 KB5001330 issues: FPS drop, system crashes

By Mayank Parmar


Some configurations of Windows 10 are encountering more serious problems thanks to a recent update “KB5001330”, with users reporting installation issues, performance issues, temporary user profile bug and worrying system crash.

Earlier this week, Microsoft published new April 2021 cumulative updates for supported versions of the OS. For version 20H2/2004, Microsoft released Windows 10 KB5001330, a mandatory security update aimed at fixing several vulnerabilities and issues caused by the previous update, including problems with the printers.

According to multiple reports (1, 2, 3, 4) over on the social media sites, Feedback Hub and our comments section, it looks as though there is a growing number of users unable to install the latest Windows update on their hardware.

KB5001330 issues:

  1. Blue Screen of Death (system crashes, boot loop)

  2. Temporary user profile bug.

  3. FPS drop.

KB5001330 installation issues

If your device is affected, Windows 10 KB5001330 update could fail to install with 0x800f081f, 0x800f0984 and 0x800f0922 error messages. 0x800f081f error has been flagged by a lot of users in the Feedback Hub and our comments section.

“Getting aforementioned error on any attempt to install this update. Have run standard DISM and SFC command, and performed a basic reset of Windows Update,” a user wrote in the Feedback Hub.

“I’m getting a consistent failure of KP5001330 to install with error code 0x800f0984. This is happening on Surface Studio 2 and Pro 7. This is the second month in a row Microsoft has been unable to the cumulative update on my machines. The install pauses at 20%, then again at 73% (different from last month’s 40%), then at 100%, then fails,” another user noted.

KB5001330 causing user profile bug

In rare cases, there also appears to be a re-emergence of the infamous Temporary user profile bug. This bug was last reported in December and it basically creates a new user profile when the operating system loads up after applying the cumulative update. When this happens, user files and settings (such as wallpaper) could disappear.

“I can no longer get into my computer since the update. It says “the User Profile Service service failed the sign in. User profile can not be loaded,” one user told us.

“Same, it logged me into a guest profile,” another user confirmed the problem in our comment section.

“Wouldn’t let me do anything as not administrator. Ended up sending it back to the company as it was a new computer and they reset it,” another user wrote.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround for the reported issue – you can either roll back the update or manually move the user files.

FPS drop and Blue Screen of Death

On Reddit, users have reported that the update is rendering games unusable for some.

Users are reporting game crashes, graphical stuttering and huge drops in frame rates, but the problem can be resolved by manually uninstalling the cumulative update. Only some users have reported these issues on forums and it doesn’t appear to be as widespread as other bugs.

As usual, there are reports of system crashes and Blue Screen of Death.

“This update broke Windows for me and others. PC BSOD’d while updating, saying a certain driver was no longer present or supported. I let Windows “repair” itself, and the update went through, then my PC BSOD’d twice in a few hours. I uninstalled the update. I’m not the only one this has happened to, so I would suggest not installing this update,” one user told us.


DNS issues

We’re also seeing reports of DNS and shared folder issues after applying this month’s cumulative update. In a support document, Dentrix has confirmed that issues are due to the latest update and they’ve found a solution that will allow you to keep the critical Microsoft Security Update installed.

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